Anxiety, Depression and Coping Mechanisms during covid-19 among Staff of Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital

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Corona virus diseases 2019 (COVID-19) is truly a public health problem and global pandemic. The diseases affect all segments of the population including healthcare workers in different facilities. There is the lack of research done inside the hospital community especially mental health center staffs so that the aim of the study was to assess anxiety and depression, and coping mechanism during the time of covid-19 pandemic among the staff of Amanuel mental specialized hospital. A cross-sectional study design and qualitative design were used. A total of 423 samples were selected using stratify sampling method. A self reported HADs and brief coping scale were used. A descriptive analysis was conducted to estimate the prevalence. Chi-square analysis was used to identify the association and a binary logistic regression was done to identify factors associated with outcome variables. Odds ratio with 95%CI was used to estimate the strength of association and P-value<0.05 and 14 participants participated in in-depth interview using purposive sampling method. The response rate was 94% (n=398). The result shows that the magnitude of anxiety obtained 44.5% and depression 33.4% and in coping mechanism scale depending upon magnitude two best results was selected. The first coping mechanism was the preventive measure including wearing mask, keeping distance, using sanitizer and washing of hands before and after touching the patient or materials and the second mechanism was Religion activities such as attending in religious place, reading regions books and prying during the pandemic. Binary logistic regression analysis indicated being female were statically significant association with anxiety and depression. Other socio-demographic characteristics had no statistically associated with anxiety and depression. In-depth-interview result showed that other psychological problems such as adjustment problem, lack of freedom, limited social life, discomfort, loneliness, sadness, and developing scared surrounding. The magnitude of anxiety and depression was high among staff members of Amanuel mental specialized hospital during COVID-19 pandemic. Adjustment problems, lack of freedom, limited social life, discomfort, loneliness, sadness, and developing scared surrounding were additional reported psychological problems. Preventive and religious coping mechanisms were used by most participants.