A Content Analysis on Ebc “WUBETACHIN ” Entertainment Tv Program in Promoting Ethiopian Culture

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Addis Ababa University


Our daily life is highly related with the media. People have trust on the media because it has the power to hold attention and plays a vital role in shaping personality, values and beliefs. Especially television since it is a medium with lots of choices. Sports, music, news, culture and soon. In Ethiopia the cultural knowledge of the various nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia have been limited to respective localities. As far as my knowledge not a single study was made on this issue and the role of media in promoting this cultural diversity. So, this study was conducted to explore the role of EBC in promoting Ethiopian culture, by analyzing “wubetachin” cultural (musical) show. The main objectives were as to find out basic cultural areas in which the program tries to meet, Assess the challenges and opportunities of “wubetachin” entertainment program in promoting Ethiopian culture and, evaluate the implication of the program in promoting cultural diversity. It was guided by three basic research questions and Functionalist and Propaganda theory were applied. To get the appropriate data, both qualitative and quantitative approaches were employed in the study. Quantitative data were collected from 85 randomly distributed questionnaires and content analysis of twelve randomly selected programs. For the qualitative data 9 key informants were selected. Two editors, two program producers, 4 artists from the cultural music industry and one person from the national cultural center were interviewed. Collected data were analyzed in terms of frequency and percentage. The findings of the study show that the attempt EBC “wubetachin” program make to promote Ethiopian culture is encouraging. However, the way the program was done is somewhat shallow in different perspectives. Recommendations were also made based on the conclusions drawn from the findings that strong emphasis should be given to the program in order to solve the challenges and produce an outstanding program which can bring a better understanding of Ethiopian culture.



Entertainment Tv Program in Promoting Ethiopian Culture