The Effect Of Supply Chain Integration On The Performance Of Construction Materials Producers In Addis Ababa Housing Project: In The Case Of Thermo Site Producers

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to analyze the supply chain integration factors on the performance of the construction material producers with the supply of Addis Ababa housing project. The supply chain integration concepts were summarized on the information integration, internal integration, collaboration, quality of product and lead time of production. By considering these concepts the researcher performed the study of supply chain integration on the performance of production of construction materials in SME in thermo site project. The study uses descriptive and explanatory research designs as well as quantitative research approach were engaged in conducting the study. The study used the sampling techniques of stratified random sampling and from the total population size of one hundred eighty eight enterprises on the site. The researcher used the sample of one hundred twenty eight enterprises which represent the seventy two for construction and fifty six for manufacturing enterprises. From the total of 128 questionnaire distributed to the enterprise 122 was filling and returned. By using SPSS software the supply chain performance expressed by mean and standard deviation as well as correlation and regression analysis was made. The result of the study showed there is a high correlation between all variables and the relationship between the dependent and independent variable was positive except that of lead time of production. With this result the researcher conclude that information sharing, internal integration and quality of product have positive and significant effect on the supply chain performance but collaboration and lead time of production have positive effect on the performance of construction material producers rather not significant roll. Based on the findings the following issues are recommended enterprises and housing project built simple computerized mechanizes like telegram, What’s-App mobile application in order to effective information sharing. More over future studies will consider other variables not included in this research as well as all enterprises found in the city.



Supply chain performance, internal integration, information sharing, quality