Problems in Teaching Large Class Size in Some Selected General Secondary Schools of East Shoa Zone (Oromia Region)

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Addis Ababa University


Th objectiv or this study was to investigate the problems in teaching large class size in som selected General secondary schools of East Shoa Zone, and thereby to forward reCOllllll ndations for the improv ment of the problems that the study end up with. The target population of this study encompasses students, teachers, principals and Wereda educational supervisors. According to East Shoa Zone education office in academic year 200612007 there ar 10 General secondary schools (grade 9-10). Out of th is 30% of them (3schools) were sel cted using simple random sampling techniques. 93 teachers who were engaged in teaching in grade (9-10), 3 school principal 3 school vice-principals and 3 wereda educational supervisors were included in the study by using simple random sampling and available sampling techniques respectively. Out of students' population size by using stratified random sampling technique 100 students were selected for the study. ecessary data were gathered from students, teachers, school principals and Wereda educational supervisors through a series of interview and a set of questionnaire. In addition, a class room observation was conducted for data gatht:ring. The areas of concern were problems in teaching large class size teachers' qualification teaching learning, instructional materials/ facilities, claSSrOO1l1 mallagt:ment and lass size. Some of the major findings include: • 56% of the teachers in sample general secondary s hools (9-10) w re und r qualified to fully manage the subject malt r and in hanciling large class siz . (i . . they are diploma holders); • In sample general s cOlJdary school teachers were still t a hillg in the traditional way using lecture method as dominate method of in truction to tach larg class size '.:vhich is contrary to stud nt centered (active-learning method) .• In all sample schools classrooms are found crowded (70 and abovc student pcrclas ). • There are hortage of text booi's and reference books in all ample chools • In all sampl chools facilities are found low Recommendations for the mentioned points are: • Teachers have to improve largc class size teaching by using peer coaching program in school level. • Teachers have to create a sma1l class size atmosphere in large-class seating. • The ministry of education seeks ways to train more teachers in degree program • The Local authorities (Wereda Administrators, Kebele Administrators and Parent Teachers Association) have to mobilize the Community, on-government Organization and Investors to obtain fund that would enable the schools to over come their problems .



Teaching Large Class Size in Some Selected