Adjudication of Sexual Crimes Vis-a-Vis the Due process Guarantees of the Accused in Ethiopia

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This thesis examines the due process rights of the accused in the adjudication of sexual crime cases in the Ethiopian criminal justice system. It explores the legal and practical gaps of sexual crimes cases investigation and court proceeding in the judicial system. Using a human rights-based approach, which is anchored for international human rights principles and mechanisms, this thesis examines how these principles and mechanisms can remedy violations of the rights of accused in sexual crimes. The women and child justice sector professionals and institutions are the focus of this study. This thesis accordingly found out that there is a weak production of evidence and technologically in advanced investigation system .In addition lack of corroboration of evidence in sexual crime cases creates a heavy challenge on the accused to defend his/her case . This thesis concludes that a human rights based approach will be an efficient and effective strategy to pressure the government of Ethiopia to take the necessary legislative, administrative and judicial measures to ensure the rights of the accused. These measures will ensure the rights of the accused in the criminal justice process and enhances Ethiopia’s compliance with its international human rights obligations.



sexual crime,criminal justice,international human rights principles