The Effect of Procurement Management on Project Success: In the Case of Ethiopian Airlines

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study is to examine the effect of Procurement Management on Project success in the case of Ethiopian Airlines. Many researches did not focus on this particular title, and also the researcher personally observed failures of projects due to misuse of procurement process; which was why this researcher motivated to undertake this research. Explanatory Research Design with Quantitate Research approach was employed. Both Primary and secondary Data were used during this research work. Primary Data was collected via self-administered questionnaires from the population of Ethiopian Airlines Employee in Addis Ababa (project managers and procurement heads) by using non-probability sampling approach particularly purposive sampling technique. As secondary Sources, different literatures related with the topic under study were used .The constructs in this study were developed by using measurement scales adopted from prior studies. The instrument was evaluated for reliability and validity. Data was analyzed using SPSS Version 20. The result of this study showed that all of the procurement management variables used in this research have significant effect on project success. And relatively procurement planning has greater effect, followed by procurement conducting process and procurement controlling process. Depending on the result, it was concluded that procurement management has significant effect on project success. Finally it was recommended to give due attention to all of the stages of procurement management and giving project procurement management training to both procurement staff and project managers. The researcher recommends future researchers to consider better sample size, other variables that are not included here and other projects in other wide organizations to get more reliable result.



project management, Procurement management, Ethiopian Airlines, Project Success, procurement management dimensions.