The Contribution of Agroforestry Based Integrated Development Project in Sustaining the Rural livelihoods:-The case of Tombiya Agroforestry Project in Woliso Woreda,West Shewa of Oromiya Regional State, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This study was to assess the contribution of agroforestry project on the livelihood of rural farming households in selected rural kebeles of Woliso Woreda. Three rural kebeles namely, Obi Koji, Gute Godeti and Werabo Berio were selected for the study. The specific objectives were examination the attitude of farmers towards agroforestry systems; assessment of the contribution of agroforestry based integrated development project in improving livelihoods and food insecurity in the study area; determination of the existing problems of agroforestry adoption in the study area and the determination of the impact of agroforestry on the livelihood of rural farming households. In this study AF adopters , non adopters and Agricultural and Rural Development office m the Woreda were contacted. Both structured and unstructured interview questionnaires were used to obtain information from individual farmers in the households and key community leaders. The Multiple Logistic Regression Model was used to examine the inter-relationships between factors that influence adoption. Statistical Software Package for Social Science (SPSS) specifically designed for logistic regression was employed. The results were summarized in a table form so that the analysis and meaningful interpretations of results was made to draw conclusions and implications. The qualitative data collected through key informant interview, focus group discussion and physical observation was narrated and summarized.



Development Project, in Sustaining the Rural Livelihoods