Determination of the Level of Alcohol in Ethiopian Common Alcoholic Beverages using Spectroscopic Techniques

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Addis Ababa University


A method for the direct determination of ethanol and methanol from Ethiopian distilled alcoholic beverages, Arekes, using FT-MIR and UV -NIR in the range 1180~950 em'] and 1 72 0~1660 nm respectively, were developed, In addition, in the region 3020-2950 em'] for fermented alcoholic beverages Tella and Tej ethanol determination were developed and validated, The results obtained were in excellent agreement with the results obtained from Gas Chromatographic measurements, The limit of detection of ethanol and methanol for distilled alcoholic beverages using FT-MIR and UV-NIR methods were 0,025 and 0,007 and 0,019 and 0,038% (v/v), respectively, For fermented alcoholic beverages, Tella and Tej, the limit of detection of ethanol was 0,08% (v/v), The recovery obtained for ethanol using FT-MIR and UV-NIR ranges from 99-102 and 98-105% (v/v), respectively, for distilled alcoholic beverages and 99 - 103 and 101 - 102% (v/v) for Tella and Tej, respectively, The average ethanol level found in traditional Ethiopian alcoholic beverages, Arekes, Tella and Tej were 31.6 ~ 51.4, 1.94 -5,65 and 6,79 - 9,36% (v/v) respectively, In all samples methanol was not detected, Key words: Ethanol; Methanol; Areke; Tella, Tej; FT-MIR and UV-NIR Spectrophotometers



Ethanol, Methanol, Areke, Tella, Tej, FT-MIR and UV-NIR Spectrophotometers