Archival Networking within the Framework of A National Information System in Kenya

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Addis Ababa University


Information is a corporate resource valuable for socioeconomic development. For information to be shared it has to be properly processed, stored or preserved and be made readily available to users. Information systems and services therefore Endeavour to harness information for users whose needs are the driving force for the operations of information institutions. Kenya National Archives and Documentation Service is one of the various governmental information systems and subsystems. Its archival and records management functions entail ensuring the proper creation, economic maintenance and disposal of public records. As a public national service the Department needs to establish an effective archival and records management network so as to provide appropriate services to users, who include civil servants, academicians, students and generally members of the public. In providing this information service the Department requires to cooperate and coordinate with other information systems and services guided by and in conformity with the established legal instruments. To further facilitate the service, provision the Department needs to adopt information technology. This study is an attempt to examine how the Department is meeting these challenges, with recommendations and suggestions that could contribute to the Department's effort to develop an effective and efficient archival network in Kenya within the framework of a national information system.



Information Science