An Investigation of Motivational Strategies Employed by a Teacher in EFL Classroom *ICS Addis In Focus*

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Addis Ababa University


This research is an attempt to investigate the motivational strategies employed by the teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Gardner claims motivation to be the primary factor in L2 learning in his socio-educational model (1994: 361). The study, hence, closely examined to what extent motivational sh·ategies are used in EFL classes at the International Community School of Addis Ababa (rCS Addis). The participants are 20 middle school international students and their English Language Teacher. For the investigation, Marzano's work was modified to fit the context of the setting in which the research was carried out. Data h·iangulation was made by gathering information from students, the teacher and observation, whereas, methodological h·iangulation was achieved by gathering data through observation, questiOimaire and interview. Having examined the results of the data gathered, the resea rcher arranged a session with the teacher to discuss the findings. In particular, the discrepancies between the interview and the questionnaire were brought to the teacher's attention and a platform, where the teacher could have a say on it, was fa cilita ted for the teacher. The findings of the study indica ted that some motivational tecluuques are being used by the teacher. However, this should be maximized and varied in order to bring a significant change in students' in-take of the lesson and increase their level of engagement. Results also revealed that some sh·ategies regarded as important have been underutilized in the classroom. Accordingly, possible suggestions of motivational techniques to be put into practice have been forwarded to the teacher. Thus, during the whole process, awareness has been created and emphasis has been given to the teacher on employing motiva tional sh·ategies in language teaching. Recommendations have also been made towards the utiliza tion of motivational strategies in English as a Foreign Language Classes. Consequently, the teacher is expected to alter Ius attitude and give due importance to motivation by designing different engaging and motivating in-class activities and by being more enthusiastic, passionate and motivational during lesson delivery in order to become more effective in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language.



Investigation, Motivational Strategies