Practical Challenges of Access to Employment Opportunity of Eritrean Refugees Living in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis assessed practical challenges of access to employment opportunity of Eritrean refugees living in Addis Ababa. The research was conducted in Addis Ababa, Jemo, Gofa Mebrat Hail and Megenga area was selected based on current settlement of the Eritrean refugees in the areas. Qualitative research methodology was employed under this thesis and both primary and secondary sources of data are utilized. The primary sources include in-depth interviews with refugees of the study areas and ARRA, EHRC, UNHCR and NRC were conducted. In addition, to have a balanced view of those selected respondents; a focus group discussion has also been carried out with some selected Eritrean refugees and refuges committee leaders of the study areas were held. The respondents for both interviews and FGDs were selected through purposive and snowball sampling method. Therefore the study revealed that Eritrean refugee’s access to employment opportunity challenged and In addition, contemporary livelihood situations of Eritrean refugees in Addis Ababa are also examined. The overall findings of the study show that there were legal, lack of language skill, lack of work experience skill , challenges on discrimination in employment , challenges of access to loan, lack of business licenses and lacks of institutional frame work are a gap for Eritrean refuges in accessing employment in Ethiopian and due to this fact highly affected in social and economical impacts in the area. Consequently, providing employment opportunity is necessary to ensure social cohesion between local communities and refugees. Finally, the paper concluded that the Ethiopian government needs to improve and strengthen to implement the minimum protection of refugee’s employment opportunity. Thus one of the essential aims of this study is to devise some alternative mechanism to the government and responsible body how to implement refugee’s employment opportunity those stated major gaps under the research. Key words: Eritrean refugees, employment opportunity, livelihood, practical challenges ARRA, EHRC, UNHCR, NRC



Eritrean refugees, employment opportunity, livelihood, practical challenges, ARRA, EHRC, UNHCR, NRC