Effect of Advertising on Consumer Purchase Intention: The Case of Ada food complex s.co

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The main aim of this research was to examine the effect of Advertisement on purchase intention the case of Ada food complex s.co. The study used Explanatory and quantitative technique in which 384 respondents from Bishoftu town were included. These respondents were selected by convenience sampling this also used in order to select the target customers of the company. The data were collected through self-administered questionnaire which resulted in 370 valid responses. The data collected from the questionnaire were analyzed using Statistical tools such as descriptive statistics, correlation, multiple regression and ANOVA using SPSS 20. The Pearson correlation coefficient used in the study signifies that all independent variables (attitude towards advertising(general), attitude towards TV advertising,attitude towards radio advertising, advertising Language, Message content of Ad, repetition of ad and celebrity endorsement) and the dependent variable(purchase intention) have a positive relationship with another. In addition to correlation analysis the result of regression the study shows that all variables have positive significant effect on purchase intention except advertising language. The score of the coefficient correlation determination R2 is 0.645, which implies that there is quite significant explanatory power and also 64.5% variation on dependent variable is caused by independent variables The highest effect on consumer purchasing intention refers to repetition of advertising.The Beta weight score indicated that the effect of Repetition of advertising is greater than that of other Advertising variablesThe finding of the study also shows most of consumers prefer Television from the medias being used by the company. The company recommended to give due attention to the variables to attract more consumer purchase intention



Advertisement, Purchase Intention