Effects of motivational factors on employee’s performance in commercial bank of Ethiopia in case of south Addis Ababa district

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Addis Ababa University


Motivational factors play an important role in increasing employees‟ performance. Motivated employees in return can improve their performance as well as company‟s productivity. The objective of the research is to analyze the effects of motivational factors on employees‟ performance in CBE in case of South Addis Ababa district. This study is based on both primary data and secondary data were collected from staff of commercial bank of Ethiopia in South Addis Ababa district through questionnaires‟. Purposive sampling techniques was used in the study to select the respondents from the list of employees provided by the human resource department in order to capture the entire population, thus, the sample size of the study was 350. The data instrument that face to face interview and structured questionnaire developed by the researcher, particularly for this study. The questionnaire made use of a five-point Likert scale to rate the importance of various motivational factors. The research was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS) version 22.OLS was used to investigate the relationship between dependent and independent variables. The results of the regression showed that most of the motivational factors like salary, bonus, allowance, job security and enrichment, job status, job promotion and transfer have positive impact on employees‟ performance. Furthermore, the results show that employees commitment, organizational structure, loan opportunities, job security and promotion as well as employees empowerment have a positive and statistical significantly effect on employees performance.


A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the masters of business administration


Employee, Employees‟ performance, Motivational factors