Study on the Effect of Marble Waste Powder and Fly Ash in Compressed Stabilized Earth Block Materials

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Addis Ababa University


In this study, suitability of industrial wastes, fly ash (FA), and marble waste powder (MWP) are estimated along with cement as stabilizers for producing CSEBs with soil ingredients and water. The aim of this research is to manufacture and investigate alternative wall-making material that can be produced by locally available raw materials. Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB) has identified as low-cost, reducing environmental pollution and increasing energy efficiency building construction material. And also this study has analyzed the influence of these industrial wastes when used as certain percentage replacements of cement in provide adequate compressive strength and durability of the CSEB blocks. This experimental study on CSEB prepared using fly ash and marble waste as a replacement of cement in certain proportions has brought out the effectiveness of these binding materials with cement in improving the 28th -day compressive strength and durability. This can be done by identifying the physical properties and chemical composition of the materials and the characteristics of the CSEBs. Different tests were conducted to determine the physical properties of the material like grain size distribution, water absorption, moisture content, specific gravity, silt content, compressive, and tensile strengths. Chemical composition and characterization of the CSEB blocks were investigated by XRD. The microstructural behavior of the CSEBs was analyzed by using SEM images to determine the anatomic changes and morphology that occurred at different marble waste and fly ash contents. Based on the test results, it has observed that fly ash 10% and marble waste powder 5% to achieve the maximum dry-and wet compressive strength values of the block which were 3.84 Mpa and 3.01Mpa respectively. It has also demonstrated water absorption (11.6%) after 28th days curing. The cost of CSEB with only cement is higher than that of FA and MWP in combination with cement. The cost comparison of CSEB with the other conventional wall making construction material, like HCB, was preferred because it is a more economical construction material; the construction cost is low, and has to input less energy and environmental impacts including raw material use, waste generation, energy consumption and its associated air emissions (CO2) and has simple building techniques. The results of this thesis work have shown that CSEB block can be used as an alternative wall making material and significant cost reduce can be achieved in low cost housing rural, semi-urban, and urban. Any concerned body can use this construction material as an alternative building material without compromise its quality.



Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks, Ordinary Portland cement, Fly Ash, Marble Waste Powder, Compressive Strength, Durability