Community Based Health Insurance Practice/Enrollment and Challenges in Ethiopia Case of Oromiya Regional State Rural Community of Aleltu District’

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Addis Ababa University


This study examines the Community based health insurance Enrollment/practice & challenges in Ethiopia by taking Aleltu district as case of study. The study, with the prime objectives of to find out & mention the roots of problems & was geared towards answering key research questions germane in enrollment of the CBHI in the Aleltu woreda. Primary data have been collected from beneficiary’s (members) of CBHI by taking 150 respondents from five Gandas namely Maru, Mikawa, S/sageda, Ejersa & W/dera using structured self-administer questioner. Three employees of CBHI were contacted for in-depth interview & one manager of CBHI Finfine branch also has been contacted for triangulation purpose. The data were putted in SPSS version 21 in order to get descriptive statistics or result. The Qualitative data collected via in-depth interviews & open ended questions were analyzed through transcription in to micro-soft word processing then by categorizing & coding on their theme. The result, of the analysis shows that supply side challenges such as Lack of skilled man power in handling the CBHI in the woreda, Lack of budget to perform the enrollment rate of CBHI in different villages of Aleltu, Absence of available nearest government hospitals at the distract level, lack of enough man power because, Absence of digital camera in order to take the photo of households during their membership, Absence of enough computers & printers (In order to encoding the file of each members), the office is not covenant (narrow in size), the government health service is not satisfactory like the private health sectors therefore peoples prefer to a place where good service is provided. Among demand side challenges; during registration time households will not bring required things (For instance Photo graphs, filling of necessary data’s), during the claim of money paying during the refer time they will forget the receipt for the payment they made at the referral hospitals, During the filling of ID membership they will not tell necessary information, dalliance on Id renewal, during registration time they will not bring their family member. Key Words: CBHI, Enrolment, Challenges, Aleltu District & Northern Shoa Zone



CBHI, Enrolment, Challenges, Aleltu District & Northern Shoa Zone