The Role of Information Technology in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Performance: The Case of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE)

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Addis Ababa University


The ESLSE logistics and SCM department would be the first domain to be benefitted from this research as the study would have a contribution in their program of designing better IT systems. The developments in Information technology has resulted in many possible alternative solutions for managing the logistics and supply chain effectively. Logistics and Supply chain management is information driven function. Information Technology enabled logistics and supply chain management will provide a competitive advantage to on ESLSE over rest of the competitors in market place. IT plays a vital role in decision making process. Information Technology is beneficial for cooperation and coordination within the supply chain. The research design is explanatory that is conducted to be conducting on the role of IT in logistics and SCM performance of the ESLSE. This paper highlights the overview of role information technology for effective and efficient logistics and supply chain management, software focused supply chain characteristics as well as Information Technology tools used in Information technology enabled supply chain management. The data analysis, the research findings and based on the results the researcher gives discussion on the findings and also gives some interpretation of the result. In order to presents findings and the discussion about the role of Information Technology in logistics and Supply chain management performance of ESLSE.



Supply chain management, Information Technology, Role Logistics