Ethi opi an Criminal .Justice Policy Analys is: focus ol\.Ju ve nile Offend ers

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Addis Ababa University


This paper analyzed the criminal justice policy using the cycle of social policy anal ysis model as a conceptual framework . The anal ys is fundamenta lly looked at whether or not principl es of social justice have been taken into consideration. The paper also tri ed to find out whi ch social probl ems have been dealt with following the adaptati on of the policy. Moreover, the paper analyzed the content of the policy fo cusing onj uvenile justice, in respect of the pertin ent laws of our country, especially the constituti on. Any obse rved inconsistency and di screpanc ies were forward ed, with the duty to bring to attention. Furthermore, the paper anal yzed wheth er or not the policy is based on the international stand ards set on Ju venile justice and how Ethiopia has incorporated these standards in to its domestic legislations and practi ce. Whil e the focus of this paper is on juvenile justice; the paper analyzes the overa ll principle of po licy mak ing process by using qua litati ve data anal ysis methods starting from the ini tiation to the evaluation of the policy. A case study approach within qualitat ive des ign was used . In the study two indiv iduals who participated in the process of the policy making had been interviewed. Data hom key in formants as well as key literature review were anal yzed rigorously through consistentl y comparing the major findin gs. The find ing suggests that the policy has not been properly implemented and evaluated and there a re no preventi ve mechani sms for juvenile offenders. Finaly, the need for a policy making guid eline in a nati onal perspecti ve as well as a need for citi zen awareness and di sseminati on of the policy for proper implement ation were forwarded as ma jor recommend at ions. Key Words: Social Policy, .Juven ile Offende rs, Cr iminal Justi ce, International Law



Social Policy, Juven ile Offende rs, Cr iminal Justi ce, International Law