Enhancing Productivity of Mixed-Model Assembly Line in Tikur Abbay Shoe S.Co

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Addis Ababa University


Tikur Abbay shoe S. Co is one of leather industry in Ethiopia, which produces a variety of shoe model for local and export markets. The research is mainly focus on the export product, men shoe (HARBER) model, production condition has different problem not good working environment and less production efficiency this means the company not satisfies internal and external customer interest such as quality, delivery time and work environment problem. Footwear assembly tasks are very repetitive and provide the operators with little opportunity for rest. Many operators perform only one operation with no job rotation. The repetitive nature of the job caused work overload and that was made worse by other workers delivering unfinished shoes to the operators. The general objective to enhance productivity and increase competitiveness of company by export product to meet international quality and workplace ergonomically comfortable, improve work environment and safety requirement. The methodologies for the study follows are discussion with target group, direct observation, face-to-face interview and distribute questioner to collect ergonomic problem fact and observe production section to record working environment problem this all use to collect the research useful data. Data analysis is interpreted through a descriptive method by using MS–Excel 2016 software, were used to present data in pie chart, Minitab 16.2.4 software were used to prioritized shoes model and MS-Visio were used to draw root causes analysis of work load and to illustrate the processes layout. The finding of the study shows that about 33.6 % of defected product is caused by operators due to work overload in the production stations and due to existing layout problem 28 m distance which is unnecessary movement and ergonomic problems. Therefore, improving human ergonomics problem is used to reduce work overload and worker health problem, improve work condition and improve chair and table design. If proposed layout of production area implemented and ergonomics problem is solved the output of company increased by 38 pieces of shoe per day and 33.6 % of defected products are solved and the production efficiency is increased by 28.19 % which is 88.95%.



Assembly line, Mixed Model, Work overload, Working Environment, Ergonomics