The Role ofNGOs in alleviating the Problems of Children Orphaned by HIV / AIDS: The Case of Mekdim Ethiopia National Association (MENA).

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Addis Ababa University


At present, HIV is an endemic that is causing millions of children Orphan. This study is mainly intended to investigate the role that NGOs are playing in alleviating the problem of children orphaned by HIV/ AIDS. The research method adopted for the study is · Descriptive · and Analytical research, type and a survey method. An in-depth interview and focus group discussion were used as primary data collection techniques. Both open ended and closed ended questionnaires were employed as tools to collect primary data. The total sample size was 347, 187 orphans and 160 guardians and a stratified random sampling coupled with purposive sampling were employed. To describe the quantitative aspect of the study descriptive statistics were used, while the qualitative aspect was presented through discussion. The finding indicates that, children orphaned by HIV/ AIDS have access to all types of supports to a varying degree except house rent support. Moreover, orphans have either complained or dissatisfied in most cases with the adequacy and significance of the supports they received, while for some orphans some supports are so crucial for their survival. On the other hand, the organization was unable to address the felt needs of orphans due to financial limitation and the donor driven nature of the projects. Furthermore, the growing number of destitute children that seriously need the support has forced the organization to cut in the types and amount of support such as educational support, health care, food aid and housing. However, to meet the growmg demand the organization has established linkages with public schools, government hospitals and clinics and kebele officials to provide orphans with free access to services such as; educational support, health care, food aid and housing. In addition, the organization has initiated livelihood interventions to Improve the ability of orphan households to remain self reliant. The recommendations of the study revolve around its finding aiming at improving how supports should be given by the organization by minimizing it limiting factors.



Children Orphaned by HIV / AIDS