Quality of Health Care in Private Clinics in Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba Universty


Involvement of the private sector in provision of health services has progressively increased in many developing countries including Ethiopia. Promotion of the private sector involvement is also one of the health care financing strategy in Ethiopia. A cross sectional descriptive study was done on Quality of Care in private clinics in Addis Ababa in April, 2000. Different levels of clinics were randomly selected and assessments were done on structural aspects, performance of health workers in polyclinic outpatient department and patients satisfaction with the different aspects of care given. It was found that most clinics fulfill the structural requirements of the MOH with regard to staffing, equipment and medications. Neverthless few clinics were found not to fulfill the minimum requirements put in the guideline. With regard to performance, various aspects of mal performance were observed where the highest problem was concerning treatments given to patients.Thirty seven percent of treatments given to patients were rated to be unacceptable. Over prescription of antibiotics and injections was also found specially in small clinics. Patients were generally satisfied in all aspects of medical care where highest satisfaction was in relation to courtesy of providers and relatively lower satisfaction with cost. Findings are discussed in comparision with findings in public and private health facilities in Ethiopia and other countries. It is recommended that regulation be strengthened. Inclusion of the assessment of process of care in quality control measures is also recommended.



Quality of Health Care in Private