Psychosocial and Educational Challenges and Opportunities of Students with Visual Impairment: the Case of Adimahleka Primary School in Adwa Town

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Addis Ababa University


In order to achieve the purpose of the study, basic research questions were raised. Qualitative design was used for this study. Purposive sampling procedures were also used. To get the required information from the participants about the research 3 teachers, the school principal, 5 neighbor, 5 SWVI and 5 sighted students were selected purposively for interview and six SWVI were selected for FGD .The data obtained were analyzed through describing case by case analysis method. The method I used to collect the data was interview, observation and FGD. The following major findings were obtained. Those are lack of Braille materials, no books which are written in Braille, lack of social interaction, feels sad, dependent and have a lot of anxieties or fears in moving long-distance and happy by getting an opportunity of education were the major problems & opportunities for the SWVI. Based on the findings obtained some possible recommendations were suggested



The Case of Adimahleka Primary School