Determinants of Teachers' Media Utilization Pattern

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Addis Ababa University


Thi s study investigates the determinants of teache rs' level of media utilisation pattern on the basis of selected demographic, job related personal variables and work environment factors. Pat-ticipants are 139 primary school teachers who are randomly se lected from rural and urban schools Wenage Wereda, Gedeo Zone. A questionnaire, and five scales developed to measure job related personal variable [i. e. level of media use (LMU) scale, Teachers' sense of efficacy of media use (EMU) and efficacy of media choice (EMC) measures, consequence of media use (CMU), and Openness to procure and use media (OPUM)), and measures of work enviromnent variables [i.e. availabi lity of media resource (AMR), manageability of classroom tasks (MCT), and administrative SUppOlt (AS)] were employed to collect data. The results suggest that demographic variables were not found to predict level of media use (LMU). On the other hand, among job related personal and environmental variables, teacher's sense of efficacy of media choice (EMC), consequence of media use (CMU), and avail abi lity of media resources (AMR) emerged as major determi nants of teacher's media uti lisation pattern. Finally, the practical implications of the results of the present study are indicated.



Media Utilization Pattern