An Assessment of Potentials, Challenges, and Opportunities of Oromo Cultural Center for Tourism Product Development

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to find out potentials, challenges, and opportunities of Oromo Cultural Center (OCC) for tourism product development. Hence, an attempt has been made to identify potentials over which tourism product development can be enhanced, challenges that act as impediments, and opportunities that promote tourism product development at OCC. To achieve this objective, data have been collected by using observation, key informant interview, and focus group discussion with selected informants working at OCC and Oromia Culture and Tourism Bureau. Then after, collected data have been analyzed by transcribing, then reading and re-reading the transcribed material, and then using thematic analysis techniques based on, categories that emanated from the research objectives. Likewise, the analyzed data has been discussed in the context of prevailing literature. As revealed in the study findings, OCC has untapped potential for tourism product development that includes: MICE tourism development, incorporation in the city tour package of Addis Ababa, standard food and beverage service, souvenir shops, and exhibitions, marketing promotion and technological inputs like website design and database management system development, availability of concerned stakeholders, and demand of visitors. Conversely, lack of awareness about tourism product development, financial constraints, lack of skilled manpower, absence of tour guiding service and interpretation of heritages, loose interdepartmental connection and threat of theft have been identified as the major challenges hindering tourism product development in the cultural center. Then after, growth of domestic tourism, distinctive presence and strategic location of OCC, and cultural policy of Ethiopia that promotes the growth and preservation of indigenous cultures are deemed important opportunities for tourism product development at OCC. And lastly, conducting a research based on tourism product development, MICE tourism development, reviewing the existing marketing and promotion strategies, training manpower, working harmoniously with the concerned stakeholders, and a careful examination of opportunities present in order to best utilize resources were implications drawn for future intervention. Key Words: Tourism Product, Tourism Product Development, Potentials, Challenges, and Opportunities, Oromo Cultural Center, Addis Ababa