Psychosocial perceptions of students Orphaned by HIV/AIDS the case of Awassa boarding secondary school

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Addis Ababa University


This study examined the psycho - social perceptions of students orphaned by HIV / AIDS at Awassa Boarding Secondary School. Psychosocial questionnaires were distributed among 150 (97 male and 53 female) students orphaned due to HIV/ AIDS and interviews were held with the school director, social worker of the organization that provided boarding services and one teacher of students orphaned by HIV / AIDS. Quantitative and qualitative methods of data analysis were employed. The results indicated that the majority of the students had psychological problems (low self - esteem, depression and anxiety). Moreover, they had social problems (social avoidance and distress, shyness and sociability, and loneliness and social dissatisfaction). There was a significant relationship between psychological and social perceptions. Lack of counseling service, weak coordination between the school and boarding provider, limited boarding service for students orphaned by HIV/ AIDS, little community awareness of the program, and lack of emphasis from other organizations were major contributing factors to the psychosocial perceptions of students orphaned by HIV / AIDS



Awassa boarding secondary school