An Assessment of the Effects of Airline Disruptions on Passenger Perception and Expectation of Service Quality: A Case of Ethiopian Airlines Passenger Services

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Passenger perception and expectation in EAL services is studied from different contexts however there is not much said from flight disruption perspective. The two common forms of disruption delays and cancellations are caused by external and internal factors. Recently the outbreak of COVID-19 is the major cause for both delays and cancellations. The impact of disruption on passengers can extend to huge consequences in terms of time, monetary cost, social and psychological disorders. EAL takes both preventive and reactive measures while handling disruptions. These solutions require the involvement of external parties: airport, transport, immigration, and other authorities in Ethiopia as well as other countries. The findings of the study indicated that the perception of the respondents slightly exceeds their expectation leaving much space for improvement. Based on the firsthand information collected through questionnaire, the variables Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Empathy and Assurance impact the service quality perception of customers during disruption.



Ethiopian Airlines, Passenger Services