An Assessment of Employees’ Performance Appraisal, the case of Bank of Abyssinia

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Addis Ababa University


Human resources are among the fundamental resources available to any organization. Performance appraisal is part of human resource management which a formal system of periodic review and evaluation of an individual’s (employees) job performance. Performance Appraisal (PA) helps in measuring and evaluating performance of the employees in an organization. PA serves a two-fold objective. On one hand, it helps in identifying skill gaps present in the employees. On the other hand, it recognizes meritorious employees on the basis of their work and helps to design an effective reward system for organizations. The paper examines methods, process and the responsibilities of PA and explores the relationship between PA and its purpose in the organization. The writer uses questionnaire and interview to collect the necessary data. The data gathered has been analyzed using the various statistical methods like tables, graphs, percentages. Employees are evaluated by themselves, their immediate supervisor, next in-line supervisor, review committee and finally it is approved by senior managers. The company’s major problems identified from the data collected are on frequency and timing of evaluation, lack of knowledge about the purpose and objective of evaluation and absence of training and discussion about the evaluation method are the major problems identified. Based on the problems recommendations are suggested.



Performance Appraisal