Factors Affecting Dairy Farming In Ethiopia: In Case Of Muger Town And Surrounding Five Rural Kebeles

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Addis Ababa University


The study is dairy fconducted to explore factors affecting arming at Muger Town and surrounding Five Rural kebeles (Chancho Birate, Biyo wegidi, Ula Gora, Reji Mekoda and Deku Kersa).The study employed descriptive research design and use both secondary and primary source of data. Primary data were collected from 201 small dairy farmers by using semi structured questionnaires and the collected data were analyzed through descriptive statistic such as percentage, frequency and mean. The study area is dominated by rural dairy farming system when butter is the most tradable dairy product of the area. Farmers are mainly depending on the local cows for their dairy farming activities. The major factors affecting dairy farming of the study area are shortage of feed, inadequate access to land, inadequate access to extension advice, low access to credit, low knowledge of preserving feed, absence of drug, high price of cross breed cows, absence of artificial insemination service, and expected disease resistance of local cows. Hence, introduction of Artificial Insemination in to an area, sowing improved animal feed, increase accessibility of credit and extension advice and make extensive awareness creation to small farmers about dairy farming are important to increase dairy farming of the area



increase accessibility of credit and extension, conducted to explore factors affecting, arming at Muger Town