Assessment Of Effectiveness Of Team Works In Project Management: The Case Of Water Action Aid Project, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Addis Ababa University


Project team work in Water Action Aid encounters different problem of effectiveness during project implementation of organizational objective. The study assesses the practices and challenges of Project team work case of Water Action Aid. Censes was used to use all stuff members of Water Action Aid organization 30 respondents comprising 1 CEO, 1 Program Manager, 4 Project Managers, 7 Project Coordinators, 11 Frontline Project Staff and 6 key resource persons. Structured questionnaire was used to get information from CEO, Program Manager and Project Managers, whereas FGD questionnaire was used to provoke information from Project Coordinators, Frontline Staff and key resource persons. The study identified that success and faller of project majorly affected by the effectiveness of project teamwork. It was discovered also that the interests and parts of the key Stakeholders were very critical to the effectiveness of the projects. The project teamwork was found to be predominantly not institutionalized (separate organizational body). The study also revealed challenges like Lack of clear Communication, lack of shared vision, problems of Collaboration and participation, problems in leadership style, stimulating work environment, Innovation and creativity and adaptability to change were found to effect on the performance of the projects teamwork in the organization. Finally, it is recommending that team management courses should be incorporated in the training of professional to enhance their skills to higher levels, Professionals should work in teams as opposed to functional structure as there is positive relationship between team effectiveness and project performance and the Government should come up with laws requiring maintenance of records by professional bodies, of events in the water aid project. This would facilitate, among others, continuous improvement of team management in the water aid project. assessment of effectiveness of team works in project management: the case of water action aid project, addis ababa, ethiopia.



positive relationship between team effectiveness, practices and challenges, encounters different problem