The Effect of Supply Chain Management Practice on Organizational Performance: A case study in Heineken Breweries S.C.

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The main focus of the research was to examine the effect of supply chain management practice on organizational performance in Heineken Breweries S.C. explanatory research design is applied. Both Primary and secondary data were collected and analyzed using statistical tool SPSS. The finding of the study revealed that technology, customer responsiveness, strategic supplier relationship, inventory management, lean supply chain management and production management are crucial element in affecting organizational performance but strategic supplier relationship, technology , production management were found a crucial element in the study as compared to customer responsiveness and lean supply chain management. It is also found that the customer relationship management tools are not valuable, is poor Inventory management, poor strategy creation to short term, middle and Long term goals, There is positive association between dependent and independent variables such as technology(r=.493**), customer responsiveness(r=.334**), strategic supplier relationship(r=.348**) inventory management(r=.224**) lean supply chain management(r=.270**) and production management(r=.474**). Technology and production management has a strong association with organizational performance. Heineken brewery company the practice of supply chain management in selected dimensions were good but The company should improve its customer responsiveness in terms of asking customers what they want, perform a survey of existing customers about customer service channels which they prefer, try to manage customer expectations via different measurement.



Technology, Customer Responsiveness, Strategic Supplier Relationship