Ethiopia's Obligation to Compensate for Human Rights Violations: A Look at International, Regional and National Legal Instruments

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Addis Ababa,University


States has ratified and complied to various internatIOnal and regIonal legal human rights instruments. Thus, the protection of human nghts has become the international obligation of every state party to the given legal instruments. As stated under different human rights instruments, Individual's nght to compensation in case of human rights violations is international human rights obligation of state parties to the legal instruments. Meanwhile, this right requires states to adopt all the necessary legislative and institutional measures and accordingly, comply with accepted international standards .As Ethiopia is a party to a number of human rights legal instruments, It has a duty to comply with the international human rights obligations which include victim's right to compensation regarding human rights violations by adopting necessary measures for effective compliance to the human rights instruments.



Ethiopia's Obligation to Compensate for Human Rights