The Lived Experience of Women Undergoing In-vitro Fertilization at Saint Paul Hospital Millennium Medical Colleges Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, Addis Ababa

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Addis ababa university


The study aimed to explore the lived experience of women receiving In-vitro fertilization treatments, at Saint Paul hospital millennium medical colleges center for fertility and reproductive medicine, Addis Ababa. The researcher conducted a cross-sectional qualitative research with a phenomenological approach. purposive sampling method was used to select participants and data was collected through interactive interviews. 8 women who have undergone at least one cycle of in-vitro fertilization were interviewed. Semi-structured interview guide was prepared to conduct the interview. The collected data was analyzed through thematic analysis. The study found that women lived through different psychological states such as stress, depression and had feelings of hope while undergoing in-vitro fertilization. It is also the finding of the study that women faced challenges such as physical pain, uncertainty, time , heavy financial cost and inadequate psychological preparation while undergoing the treatment. Another finding of the study is that women had coping mechanisms that kept them going through the above mentioned challenges. The study stresses implications for research, practice and policy all derived from the finding of the study. Key Words:-In-vitro Fertilization, lived experience, women



In-vitro Fertilization, lived experience, women