Assessment Of The Factors That Affect The Humanitarian Logistics Performance Of The Ethiopian Red Cross Society

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this research paper is to study the Humanitarian Logistics Performance of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society. The eight factors that have been examined in this study are Recognition factors, Technological factors, Real professional factor, and Collaboration factor, legal and political factors, socio-economic factors, infrastructural factors, and donor factors. A total number of responses from 80 respondents were used for analysis in this research study. Questionnaires with closedended and five-point Likert scale items were utilized as an instrument to gather data for the research. The data collected were analyzed in SPSS 23.0 Version. Descriptive statistics were utilized to explain the demographic characteristics of respondents and to discuss the descriptive report of responses provided by the respondents on the humanitarian logistics practices and humanitarian logistics performance-using mean and standard deviation. The result has shown that the level of humanitarian logistics practices is very low. Inferential analysis was conducted to find out the effects of the eight factors that affect humanitarian logistics performance. The result has shown infrastructural factors affect the humanitarian logistics performance of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society followed by technological factors.



Humanitarian, logistics, performance, supply chain, beneficiaries