Challenge of Intramural and Extramural Sports Programme in Hadiya Zone Preparatory Schools

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this study was to identify at the challenges of intramural and extramural sport program in Ethiopian context, specifically at Hadiya Zone preparatory school. In this study a total of 116 students, physical education teachers and administrators were taken as a sample. From this sample 4 of them were physical education teachers, 100 were students and 12 were school principals. For a better understanding of the situation a mixed research method design was employed with an emphasis on triangulation design. Questionnaire, interview and observation were used as method of data collection. The frequency and percentiles were used for analyzing the quantitative data while the qualitative data were thematically organized, categorized and examined to understand the emerging patterns of responses. Finally the results of this study showed that the majority problem of lack of facility, lack bath room, financial problem, coordination gap, an insufficient amount of awareness’, shortage of incentive…..etc. However from school principals, teachers and students proportions that cannot be taken as insignificant have been found to have challenges of intramural and extramural sport program and also summery, conclusion recommendation and appendix at the end. Key words: challenge, intramural, and extramural sport program



Challenge; Intramural; And Extramural Sport Program