Assessment of E-Learning Readiness of Assosa University

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As e-learning is becoming useful to learning institutions, assessing higher learning institutions’ readiness is essential. The purpose of this research was to assess e-learning readiness of Asossa University (ASU). The data collected from administrators, teachers, students, ICT experts and library director. Descriptive research was used to obtain information concerning the level of elearning readiness. A census was employed on ICT experts whereas stratified proportional sampling and purposive sampling was applied on the remaining target populations. Questionnaires and interviews were used in this survey and out of 316 distributed questionnaires 197 are returned. The response rate was 62.34%. Research findings showed that teachers regarding to technology access and attitudes towards a successful online teaching, students regarding to attitudes towards a successful online learner, administrators regarding to administrative support and ICT experts regarding to their responsibility are ready but needs improvements. The remaining assessments are not ready needs more work. As conclusion, even if there are some readiness that motivates to think beyond on the implementation of e-learning, there are also factors that are not ready to it. This thesis recommended that to university management and responsible body motivate to do more on e-learning by improving the factors which is ready but needs improvement and on the other hand factors which are not ready that requires more work. The government also pay attention for e-learning and its readiness to solve the problems that occur there.


A Thesis Submitted to the School of Graduate Studies of Addis Ababa University in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for the Degree of Master Of Science in Information Science


Assosa, E-Learning