Solid State Photoelectrochemical Solar Energy Conversion Based on a Mixture of Meh-Ppv and Mdmo-Ppv

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Addis Ababa Universty


Solid state photoelectrochemical solar energy conversion based on a mixture of MEHPPV and MDMO-PPV, coated on ITO glass as light harvesting unit, a solid polymer electrolyte, POMOE complexed with I3 - /I- redox couple and oxidized PEDOT as counter electrode have been fabricated and studied for its photoresponse behavior. The short circuit current (Isc), open circuit voltage (Voc), and fill factor (FF) of this mixed polymer based PEC is higher than that of MEH-PPV based device. A PEC with a structure ITO│ (MEH-PPV:MDMO-PPV)│POMOE│: I3 - /I-│PEDOT│ITO produce Voc of 289.7 mV, Isc of 0.21 LA/cm2 and FF of 0.32. The device showed an incident monochromatic photon to current conversion efficiency (IPCE) of 0.0034% illuminated from front side and 0.00013% illuminated from back side. The dependence of Isc and Voc on incident light intensity showed both Isc and Voc increases with increasing light intensity. The plot of logIsc versus logPi yielded straight line with the power factor α is equal to 0.793. Our results show that mixing of two donor type polymer, PEC show relatively improved performance when compared with individual MEH-PPV based device.



Meh-Ppv and Mdmo-Ppv