Influence of Construction Supply Chain Challenges on Project Progress, Case of 40/60 Housing Program of Addis Ababa!

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Addis Ababa University


Construction projects of 40/60 housing program, located in different parts of Addis Ababa city, suffer from many problems. Consequently, the objective of this research is to identify and examine the construction supply chain challenges and to elicit their effect on the progress of construction projects. A comprehensive literature review was deployed to generate a set of CSC concepts, benefits, and factors believed to affect construction project progress. A total of 143 questionnaires were distributed to 4 key groups of CSC participants; namely owner (government), consultants, MSEs and contractors. The survey findings indicate that all 4 groups agree that actors involved in the construction of 40/60 housing projects have poor knowledge of Construction Supply Chain Management which is an indicative of poor Construction supply chain management practices within the chain. It also revealed that factors such as ‘Poor integration among the stake holders’, ‘Shortage of construction material’ and ‘capacity problems of contractors’ sequentially have the highest impact on the construction supply chain of 40/60 project. The actors in the CSC need to work towards more aligned and structured ways of working. Specially the government should work towards creating strong CSC by applying a system that increase integration and collaboration within and between project supply chains. Continuous coordination and relationship between project participants are required through project life cycle for solving problems and enhancing project progresses. Keywords: supply chain management, construction supply chain management, supply chain integration



Supply chain management;construction supply chain management; supply chain integration