Grammatical Sketch of Wolane based on Documentation of Wolane Riddles

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this thesis is to show basic description and theoretical explanations about Wolane with the theory of minimalistof minimalist ??? has been employed. This research has five chapters. The first chapter provides general remarks the statement of the research, objective of the research, significance, scope and method of the research has been treated. The second chapter gives an over view of(a short account on conceptual and theoretical framework of the minimalist theory in general; Documentary linguistic and riddles in particular have been treated. The third chapter provides Meta data of the research; in formants back ground, materials which was functioning for the research has been provided. In the fourth chapter Wolane riddles and grammatical sketch, constituents have been described. Constituents are phonology, noun morphology. Wolane nouns are inflected for number, gender, definiteness and case. Number is marked by the morphemes -ččä and its allomorph -čä. Morpheme -ä and -te for masculine and feminine respectively. In addition in this language gender can be expressed by lexical items. Definiteness is expressed by -i and -y. -i occurs when the noun ends with Formatted: Indent: Left: -0.2"Formatted: Left, Indent: Left: -0.2"Formatted: Font: Lucida ConsoleFormatted: Font: (Default) Lucida SansUnicode, Font color: AutoFormatted: Font: (Default) Lucida SansUnicode, Not Bold, Font color: AutoFormatted: Heading 1, Left, Indent: Left: -0.2", Right:consonant phonemes. -y occurs when the noun ends with vowels phonemes. How ever, indefiniteness is not morphologically marked in this language. Pronouns including personal, demonstrative and interrogative grouped in to source, purpose, instrumental, possessive and temporal have been discussed. Another focusing area of this chapter, an attempt has been made to look at the syntax of this language. Based on the analysis give the head of Wolane a NP is assumed to be ----------------------------------------------------------. Lastly an attempt has been made to look riddles of this language. According to their meaning riddles have been classified under 8 (eight) themes. Based on this the analysis process has been held. Chapter five contains the summary and conclusion of the study in brief. Formatted



show basic description and theoretical explanations about Wolane