The Effect of Employee Engagement on Strategy Implementation: The Case of Wegagen Bank

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The purpose of this research is to investigate the effect five selected components of employee engagement (leadership, training & development, empowerment, communication, rewards & recognition) on strategy implementation in the case of Wegagen Bank. The study used stratified sampling method to collect data from the population of the bank targeted at head office, Addis Ababa districts and city branches. Data were collected using structured questionnaire and analyzed using Quantitative descriptive and inferential statistics methods. Hence, descriptive statistics was used to analyze the mean, standard deviation, and frequency distribution of the variables under consideration, whereas Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regressions were used to analyze the inferential statistics. The study found out that, leadership, training & development, empowerment and communication have significant positive effect on strategy implementation. On the other hand, the rewards& recognition has been found to have positive yet insignificant effect on strategy implementation. The study recommends undertaking further researches affecting strategy implementation by including external factors which this research has not included in its scope of study.



Empowerment, communication, strategy implementation