Cause and Management of Sport Injury and its Impact on Athlets Performance: the Case of Ethiopian Youth Spors Academy

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Addis Abeba university


Most athletes that participate in high level sports experience some type of injuries during their athletic careers. The multi-event nature of track and field posses a particular challenge to a coach trying to prevent and treat athletic injuries because each event presents its own unique problems. Thus the common types of athletics injury, causes, its impact on athletes’ performance and treatment and prevention mechanism at the Academy and ATDSTC were discussed under this paper. The purpose of the study was to assess the Causes and Management of Sport Injuries and its impact on Athlete’s performance at Ethiopian Youth Sports Academy and Athlete Tirunesh Dibaba Sport Training Center. 320 athletes and 1 physiotherapist were included as source of information for the study. Data were collected from primary and secondary sources. The method of data collection employed includes questionnaire for athletes’, self-administered questionnaire, depth document analysis and observation. The data were analyzed by using simple descriptive statistics such as percentage, frequency and rank order to summarize the results of the research objectives. The findings revealed that most athletic injuries where occurred due to lack of training error, proper training equipments, training area and proper treatment. Similar to previous studies done so far the common athletics injuries were seen in the training center. Training errors, lack of proper training equipments, areas and injury management were the major causes and their impacts have seen on athlete’s performance. Key wards: Performance, Rehabilitation, Sport injury, and Treatment



Performance; Rehabilitation; Sport injury; and Treatment