Analysis of Factors Associated With Car Collisions Resulting in Property Damage in Traffic Accidents (The Case of Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba university


The numbers of vehicles crashed due to traffic accidents have a great impact on the economy of the societies. There are several approaches that researchers have employed to study this problem. This study will attempt to address factors that affect the number of vehicles crashed resulting in property damage due to road traffic accidents in Addis Ababa. This study is based on a secondary data obtained from Addis Ababa Traffic Control and Investigation Department in 18 month period. This paper is focused on traffic accidents resulted in property damage only. For analyzing this data we use Gamma regression model because this is count data and also under dispersed. In order to establish the required relationships we use 22 explanatory variables with a total of 132 levels. Among the 22 explanatory variables only five variables with a total of 36 levels that have significant association with response variable at 10%  level significance remains in the model for analysis. Findings of this study have shown all levels of light condition, all types of vehicles, all vehicle services years expect vehicles with service years between 2-5 years, all types of collisions expect collision with non-living objects, and all types of road junctions have significant effect on the number of vehicles crashed that resulted in property damage. The result also shows that the coefficients of all vehicle types have negative sign. This indicates that type of vehicles change the mean the response variables; i.e. the number of vehicles crashed per incidence of accidents changes by a value lies between 0 and 1. However, coefficients of levels other variables have positive sign and hence change the mean of the response variables in more than 1. Since the coefficients of level vehicles with service years between 2-5 years and collision with non-living objects are not significantly different from zero, they have no effects on the mean of the response variable



Associated With Car Collisions