Damage Identification and Adaptation of Maintenance Techniques for Prestressed Concrete Bridges

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Addis Ababa University


This study indicates that, bridges reacts to the forces imposed by passing traffic with damage to, or loosening of fastenings, crack on the deck, crack on the abutment, crack on the girder, crack on the pier, rebar exposure, scour, bulging, wearing of rail, ballast fouling on the deck, rail failure on the bridge, sleeper displacement, missing of fastener, rail joint failure, expansion joint failure, bearing failure, hand rail missing, hand rail bulging, embankment failure, erosion of the underside of the sleepers, fouling of ballast etc. All these defects should be properly identified and propose the viable maintenance solution to keep the bridges services as required. All bridge defects, which are defined in the above, must need proper inspection and appropriate maintenance techniques. Since ERC is re-established as a new firm and has not yet settled maintenance techniques, this study could serve as a draft guide. In this research maintenance technique for damaged prestressed concrete bridge was adapted from other countries experience, Ethiopian experienced company’s like ERA, manuals books and other available sources. In developed countries it has been common practice closely follow up of their structures and treat according to its damage. The use of damage identification and maintenance is to control infrastructures health condition and to keep their service life safe. The clear advantage of damage identification and maintenance technique is discussed in this study. Bridge monitoring and inspection is the best techniques that internationally practiced for identifying of bridge damages. For varied damages/defects, each is having its own maintenance strategy and procedures which practiced in different countries. The most common defect maintenance technique has been indicated in this study.



Maintenance Techniques, prestressed Concrete bridges, Damage, Bridge monitoring, rail joint failure