An Assessment For-Cinema Screen Advertisement Potential In Ethiopia

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This descriptive study jar an assessment of cinema screen advertisements potential in Ethiopia has three parts. Questionnaire for the first part and structured interview questions for the rest two parts were used as a tool jar collecting data. Descriptive presentations of the results are discussed along with the findings of the reviewed literature. The first part of the study reveals that cinema/theater audiences are active in terms of making purchase decisions. The number of audiences is increasing even though no one has targeted them for advertisement when they are seated idle in the cinema/theater waiting for the movie or the theater to start. The second part of the study that focused on the cinema/theater houses has indicated that, if there are promotional enterprises that can produce and supply cinema screen advertisement slides or clips, they can run it and generate additional revenue. The third part of the study conducted on the promotional enterprises, on the other hand, has shown that there are very few limiting factors to start cinema screen advertisements except the missing awareness by the advertisers and the cinema/theater houses. Based on these indications, the study concludes that there is potential for cinema screen advertisements in Ethiopia. If the necessary preparations by the cinemas/theaters and the promotional enterprises are made and co-operations are established between these two parties that have the audience and the advertisers in common, the potential for cinema screen advertisement' already exists.


A Project Paper Report Submited In Partial Fulfilment Of The Requirements For The Degree Of Masters Of Business Administration


An Assessment For-Cinema Screen Advertisement