Magnitude of and factors Associated with Male condom use and failure rate among Commercial sex workers of Bahir DAR town Licensed non–brothel Establishments, Ethiopia.

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Addis Abeba Universty


Introduction: The most predominantly practiced HIV prevention strategy in Ethiopia is the “ABC” approach. However, only the ‘use condom’ approach can practically be applied to sex workers. If condoms used consistently and properly, and don’t break or slip off during sexual intercourse, they prevent the users from acquiring HIV infection and reduce its transmission and slow the spread. Objective: To asses the pattern of condom use and their effectiveness, and related factors. Methodology: Study design was mainly a cross–sectional quantitative study, complemented with a qualitative study, an in–depth interview. Results: A total of 369 CSWs were interviewed. The proportion of CSWs who consistently used condoms for three months and who put condoms onto their male clients’ penis at their last sexual intercourse was found to be 85.6% and 35.8%, respectively. Using condoms for contraception purpose had significant statistical association with consistent condom use behavior of sex workers (OR=6.6, 95%CI, 2.3–18.9). The prevalence of condom breakage and slippage at the last sexual intercourse were found to be 4.4%, and 1.5%, respectively. Prolonged sexual intercourse was the only factor believed by almost all IDI participants to cause condom breakage. Trying to continue sexual intercourse after ejaculation and starting sex before a penis being erected properly were believed by IDI participants to cause condom slippage. Discussion: Our consistent condom use finding was grossly similar with that of 2002/BSS finding (85.6% vs. 90.2%). Higher proportion of consistent condom users was observed among Bahir Dar sex workers compared to other study findings like that of Mathias et al viii 1998 (85.6% vs. 40%). The statistical association between consistent condom use and condom use for contraception purpose was also observed in Mathias et al 1998 research (65.3% among condom users vs. 24% among non-users, p<0.001) Conclusion: This study has demonstrated both high proportion of consistent condom use and an encouraging participation of CSWs in putting on condoms to their clients. Keywords: Consistent condom use, Condom breakage, Condom slippage, Commercial sex workers, licensed non-brothel establishments, Non-vaginal sex.



Magnitude of and factors Associated with Male condom use