Factors Affecting Enterprise Resource Planning Project Post Implementation Success: The Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study is identifying project success factors that influence ERP project post implementation success at Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. ERP plays an important role in today’s enterprise management and is beginning to be the backbone of organizations. However, its implementation is complex and risky. Research has been done for ERP project implementations in numerous environments but there is a serious gap in the literature regarding post implementation success in the Ethiopia context. Besides, post-implementation characteristics that can be used to gauge levels of project success, with emphasis on those that may be unique to banking industry in this research, the researcher had investigated ERP implementation in CBE which had implemented and used this system. The evaluation was based on CSFs (Critical Success Factor) which cited as index for success of ERP implementation in others project implementation researches. Explanatory research design was used for the study, with a quantitative study methodology to analyze an institution that implements ERP projects. The target population was 132 Human resource Personnel out of which convenience sampling technique was used to select a sample size of 60. Data was collected by using questionnaire at project implementation levels of the organization. The data collected was analyzed using statistical Package for Social Sciences. The study found that CSFs, human resource competency and communication and consultation of stakeholders has significant relationship with successful ERP implementation at CBE. The study also shows all five CSFs are the most important to success of the ERP project post implementation success at CBE: project mission and objective, top management support, human resource competency, schedule and plans and communication and consultation of stakeholders. This study demonstrated that success factors have indeed evolved according to the type of project and the environment that the project is operating. The researcher recommended for other banks to consider the five Critical Success Factors while implementing ERP system in order to realize post implementation benefit. Furthermore, practical implications to CBE and future studies were highlighted.



Project Critical Success Factor, ERP Post implementation success, CBE