Impacts of Freight Transport and Land Use Structure in Urban Traffic and Environment: the Case of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Addis Ababa city entertains both inner urban goods distribution activity and cross urban freight movements which originate from one part of the country and destined either in Addis Ababa or crosses the city and moves to other part of the country. This frequent movement of freight vehicles on the city streets causes significant problem in exacerbating problems like congestion, pollution and accidents. Mismanagement and lack of knowledge on how these vehicles affect the city also aggravates these problems and makes cities unpleasant. In this thesis the impacts of freight transport (both inter and intra urban freights) and urban land use structure on the overall traffic functions and urban environment were studied. This thesis mainly focused on the case of Addis Ababa to study the causes of freight and land use related problems, the level of their impact on the urban society and environment and develops appropriate recommendations and possible logistics options to overcome these problems. In doing so, main entry/exit corridors of the city were identified, main freight attraction areas of the city were pointed out and detailed study and analysis were made on the selected intersections in the identified freight areas. Besides these, interviews were made directly and questionnaires prepared and data were collected from stakeholders in the freight transport industry. These data were analyzed and its result interpreted and discussed to meet the objective of the thesis. Accordingly, Bishoftu road is found to be the most busy entry/exit corridor of the city which accounts for more than 75% share of freight vehicles entering and leaving the city on a daily basis. The Akaki Kality sub city which is along this road corridor, Addis Ketema, Kolfe and Nifas silk Lafto sub cities are some of the major areas where dominant freight mobility were observed because of the concentration of market areas, warehouses, factories and different service providers. The capacity analysis carried out on Akaki Kality and 18-mazoria intersections clearly depicted that the high freight vehicular movement in these areas significantly affected the level of service of these intersections and aggravates pollution problems of the area. The number of traffic accidents caused by freight vehicles in the whole city of Addis Ababa has increased by 37.6% in the past five years. However, in Akaki Kality sub city the increase in number of freight related accidents is around 179%. The proportion (share) of number of accidents compared with other types of vehicles in this sub city is large which is about 57.4% in the year 2011/2012. Furthermore lack of freight management practices and poor land use structure of the city have also contributed to the problems associated to the city traffic functions and environment. This study identified some of the major management and traffic operation challenges which aggravates these problems and ultimately suggested possible solutions that may alleviate these problems. Key Words: - City logistics, Freight transport, Land use, Mobility, Environment, Safety



City logistics; Freight transport; Land use; Mobility; Environment; Safety