Assessment of Good Governance Practices: the Case of Arada Sub City Administration.

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Addis Ababa University


The major goal of this study was to assess state of good governance in Arada sub city. The research was conducted in Arada sub city which was selected randomly. The specific objectives of the research were to examine the extent to which good governance practice applied in the Arada sub city; assesses the perception of public officials and employee towards the practice good governance in the sub city and to identify the perception of service users towards the practices of good governance in Arada Sub city. Among 10 sub cities in Addis Ababa town, Arada sub city was selected randomly. Survey research design was used for this study. To achieve the objectives of this research both qualitative and quantitative data were used. Primary data were collected from employees and officials of the institution (96) and service users (110). Secondary data were collected from pertinent sources like institution reports, magazines, internet sources and others. Semi structured interview schedule was used for employees and service users and questionnaire was employed for officials to collect data from them. Data were analyzed using percentage and frequencies, tabulation, figure and the like. Participation, accountability, transparency, equity &equality, effectiveness and efficiency were taken as indicators of good governance. The perception of majority of the service users were ranged from low to medium. On the other hand, the responses of employees and officials for the same indicators ranged from medium to very high. Besides, the study identified that the intention of the sub city to involve the service users in major development programs was low. Conducting periodic surveys, designing participatory development programs, and involving the service users in major decision that concerns the community will have immense contribution for future development and effective service delivery in the sub city. Key terms: governance, good governance, transparency, participation, accountability, equity and equality and effectiveness and efficiency



Governance, Good governance, Transparency, Participation, Accountability, Equity and equality and effectiveness and efficiency