Youth Empowerment Project; Its Implementation And Implication For Youth Well being: The Case Of Kolfe Keranio Sub City, Wereda 9 Youth Center

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Addis Ababa University


The study was concerned with an assessment of youth empowerment project; its implementation and implication for youth wellbeing: the case of Kolfe Keranio Sub City, Wereda 9 youth center. The youth empowerments’ implication for their social welfare, economic benefit and health were assessed. Qualitative research method was used; and case study was employed among qualitative research design. The study participants were selected by using non probability method; purposive sampling selection technique was employed to select study participants. Accordingly, sixteen youth interviewees and seven key informants were considered. Youths and the key informants were selected by basing the objectives of the study and then dividing activities of the project in to four main categories. Interview guide was used to generate data from youth interviewees and key informants; and observation was also conducted by the use of observation checklist. The data obtained was analyzed thematically based on the study objectives and was discussed in line with literatures related to youth empowerments, the fundamental assumptions of Positive Youth Development Model and Project Management Landscapes. It was found that youth center has something to do with youth empowerments. It contributes more in terms of building good social relationship both among them and with the wider society. Though minimal, health and economic implications of the empowerment process were also found. Inability to go in line with the planned procedures, failure to have a detailed plan, inadequacy of regular budget for the activities to be executed in the center, inability to have regular review meeting with the concerned stakeholders, failure to consult the major beneficiaries [youths] regularly are among the major challenges of the project. Lastly, though it did not firmly align with the requirements of Contemporary Project Management, youth empowerment in the area creates opportunities for youth development. Thus, what need to be done for further advancement of comparable projects are stated in a form of recommendations.



Implication, Youth, Empowerment, Project, Effectiveness