Consumer Perception and Brand Preference of Brewery Products: In the Case of Walia Beer in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Purpose – This is a descriptive study to understand consumer perception and preference towards brewery on the case study of Walia beer. The research studies why in short time Walia beer has acceptance by the consumers and capture market share. The research studies different beer sensory attributes for Walia beer and other competing brands. The paper studies factors of perception and their effect on perception formation of Walia beer. The study also goes through marketing stimuli and their effect. Design/methodology/approach – The study uses self-administered questioner. The study employs inferential statistics to come up with conclusions. The study uses random sampling and judgmental sampling. The study uses both secondary and primary data. The study uses regression, correlation and ANOVA analysis. Findings – the study finds that consumers have strong perception and preference towards Walia beer. The study also finds out that beer sensory attribute has strong effect on consumers’ perception and preference. The study finds out that advertisement does not have significant effect on perception formation. The study finds out that divorce people has strong intention to buy and when income increases intention to buy Walia beer also increases. Research limitations/implications – The study is from consumers’ point of view. The view point and judgment of consumers used to make conclusion. The activities of the company and their effect are not studied. Due to financial constraints the study is done only in Addis Ababa. Practical implications – The study forwarded different managerial points. The study revealed that the market is volatile and managers should work on association with the consumers. The study forwarded that Meta beer has strong hangover and the company need to work on that. The study forwarded that advertisement of Walia lacks captivity and repetitive. The company needs to work on that. The study recommended that the company should concentrate on keeping in consumer mind advertisement. The study suggests that the company keeps on associating the product with the society or societal events. Originality/value –The study is original and it is based on data collected from respondents. The study will be vital for the company to amend or enhance its marketing communication based on primary data conducted. The study will also contribute to the existing knowledge of consumer’s assumption by the company. The study will improve the rapid growth of the company if it is used by the company



consumer perception, beer sensory attributes and factors of perception