Assessment of Utility Bill Payment Collection System Adoption Of Mobile Payment Technology: The Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The mobile payment technology is a recent banking service in Ethiopia, especially for the purpose of utility bill payment hence, the study was conducted to achieve its main objective that was to assess the mobile payment technology adoption of customers for utility bill payment in the case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. So as to achieve its objectives the study used primary data by employing close-ended questionnaire. It used convenience sampling for collecting data from 385 customers of CBE that used mobile payment for utility bill payment. The research was a quantitative method which used descriptive and explanatory research design. For data analysis, it utilized Pearson correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis. The research took four variables from technology acceptance model: perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use , security and privacy and customer attitude, the result of study showed, all the variables had strong positive relationship to actual usage of mobile payment with correlation coefficient of r=0.717,0.772,0.80 and 0.811 respectively, significant at 0.01. The findings of regression analysis ascertained that the four variables had effect on actual usage but security and privacy as well as customer attitude have great effect on adoption of mobile payment with ��=0.388 and 0.352 respectively. Generally, the bank should work hard to improve the four variable since the study confirmed that they all together explain 76.9% (R2 = .769) of variation in actual usage of mobile payment technology



Mobile payment, Perceived usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use