Assessment of Public Relations Practices in Media Organization: The Case of Ethiopian Brodcasting Corporation

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This thesis is aimed at investigating the practice of public relations in Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. It followed a qualitative case study approach. Data is obtained from field work that entailed participant observation, individual interview, focus group discussion and document review. The researcher employed qualitative method of data analysis and interpretation. The major findings of the study indicate the fact that public relations was given very little consideration until very recently. Even after recognition was given to a multidimensional role it could play, there is still lack of dedicated support for its efficient service and it is not yet involved in decision making activities. It is also pointed out that, despite lack of budget, shortage of publication staff and wholehearted support of the top management; existing practitioners are doing their level best as image builders, link builders, public opinion investigators, informers, awareness creators, event organizers, capacity builders of the organization. Yet there is still a need to work on capacity building of public relations practitioners, employing sufficient number of public relations professionals. The organization should also employ professional public relation practitioners. Finally the organization should also arrange internal self-assessment and external audit workshops to improve the existing practice and to make corrective actions with regard to identified constraints of the public relation team.



practice of public relations